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The intelligent ones will understand
this (that is the set of instructions) with simple directions.

For others loud shouting will be necessary. Another group will need cursing, but not the stick.

A stick will be necessary for the last group. 

(Note found in 11th Century instructions

on Islamic binding: British Library)



From the first single section notebook to the most beautifully bound book, once the basic skills are mastered the only limit to creating a fine binding is the binder's imagination!

See Designer.



My passion for the art and the craft of bookbinding impels me to run evening classes in book construction and design, as well as workshops and courses tailored to suit the needs of the individual student(s).


Backed by my growing library of books on the craft of bookbinding, my knowledge of historical book construction, materials and techniques is extensive and I greatly enjoy the opportunity of instructing keen and interested students in the many and varied methods of binding a properly and well constructed book.


As an SoB Validated Tutor, I teach the tried and trusted methods which have withstood the test of time; using the materials which are proven to have longevity of use in the craft, as well as looking at designer bindings with a modern and inventive eye.

In my private Studio I take students, one or two at a time, on an individual basis: tailoring the tuition to the individual needs of the student(s). From the first steps into the craft, up to instruction for improving or extending skills you may already posess, I can create a learning environment to suit all skills levels.

If you are interested in any aspect of bookbinding and book conservation - please ask - I also run Evening Classes and Workshops. If you are keen to learn the skills necessary to bind and repair your own books then please contact me.


101 Book


Two sides of the same book: 

Entitled “The 101 Book”. This binding was created to demonstrate the large variety of constructional techniques and materials that can be used in binding a book.


Many of the 101 components incorporated in this binding and its box have a long history of use and can be seen on many old books and the materials and sewing techniques have proved their worth over many hundreds, even thousands, of years!